Osteoporosis Screening

Know the Basics

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a loss of bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue. It is a silent disease by which a patient may suffer fractures after a minimal trauma, such as a fall. These fractures are common and may result in significant incapacitation or even death.

Osteopenia is a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal and is considered by many healthcare providers to be a precursor to osteoporosis.

However, not every person diagnosed with osteopenia will develop osteoporosis. Fortunately, both osteoporosis and osteopenia can be diagnosed and treated before any fractures occur.

Dig a Little Deeper

Women are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. This is due to a lower level of bone tissue in women versus men. After menopause, women begin to lose bone mass more quickly as their estrogen levels decline. An estimated 1 in 2 women will experience an osteoporotic fracture in her lifetime.

Who Should Get Screened?

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends screening DEXA scans every two years for persons in the following groups:

  • Women 65 years and older
  • Women of menopausal age with risk factors for osteoporosis
  • Post-menopausal women under age 65 with risk factors for osteoporosis
  • People who have had a broken bone after age 50
  • Men 70 years and older
  • Men 60-69 years of age with risk factors for osteoporosis

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