Prostate Screening

Know the Basics

It’s important to note that 3T Prostate MRI is not considered a preliminary screening to test for prostate cancer. There are two main tests most commonly used to screen for prostate cancer:

  • Digital rectal exam (DRE)
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA)

Radiology Ltd. is proud to be among the first in Arizona to offer 3T high-field strength open-bore Prostate MRI exams. What this means for you is access to technology which allows for exceptional imaging and enhanced patient care. Using 3T MRI, the accuracy of your prostate biopsy can be improved and cancer can be more completely assessed before surgery.

Dig a Little Deeper

Using 3T Prostate MRI we can:

  • Identify a specific target in your prostate for your urologist to biopsy
  • Help clarify the presence or absence of prostate cancer when PSA, biopsy, and other markers are unclear
  • Acquire high-resolution and functional imaging of your prostate without the need for invasive instruments (endorectal coil)
  • Evaluate the motion of water molecules in the prostate to assess location, size, and aggressiveness of prostate cancer
  • Evaluate blood flow through prostate tissue using a gadolinium-based contrast agent to assess location, size, and aggressiveness of prostate cancer

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